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Industrial Controls


Dry Canyon offers automation services across many platforms to meet our customer's needs. Whether your need for SCADA solutions is RTU or PLC platform based, we have the expertise to maximize your investments. We know every site is different and has specific requirements, so our solutions are geared to re-use any investments you may have.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is becoming more prevalent in the today's industry. With costs running higher than ever, workforce demand is a serious issue. A lot of companies are relying on computer automation to handle complex industrial processes. Ranging from simple to extremely complex, SCADA solutions can keep your industry running 24-7-365. Whether it is a system you already have established and need adjusted, or a system you are looking at as a new installation, Dry Canyon can research your system and give you solid recommendations on how to best use your equipment or what would be best suited for your company. If we haven't worked with your system, Dry Canyon will research and let you know the capabilities available.

"Dry Canyon has shown us that they are capable, willing and ready to assist us with all phases of our operation including low voltage control wiring, wireless radios, networking software and hardware as well as tower erection and maintenance and security camera systems."
– Mike Tobin Irrigation Systems Manager Threemile Canyon Farms, LLC
Sony Proxim OnSSI Alvarion